Change #39: Update – The Potato Has Landed

Found potatoes in my fridge and Googled potatoes to make sure they are a part of the vegetable family. They are.

I put parsley, oregano, lemon, salt and pepper on the 4 potatoes, added water, placed them in a microwavable dish and set the time for 5 minutes. (This was something my mom did with potatoes when I was a kid but she baked them in the oven. Sadly, as an adult I’ve only successfully made it in the oven once this way. But that one time they were as fantastic as I recalled when I was a child.) After I pulled my warm potatoes out of the microwave and took a bite. The 4 little round blobs that were swimming in water had very little flavour.


There lies my problem with cooking quickly. I hate eating food for the sake of eating when it’s mediocre at best. I find that whenever I “cook” things in the microwave it never tastes the same as baking it. I think it’s because spices and the other ingredients (meat, onions etc) don’t have time to mix together and really become flavourful.

Then again, I don’t eat vegetables. So maybe quick is better than never.

What did I learn from this vegetable experience?

1) I still hate cooking food quickly.

2) I thought, probably just like you, this boundary would be easy to break. All I needed was 7 vegetables in 7 days. I could even repeat vegetables. Turns out these might be my most challenging blogs to date. I have no clue what foods are vegetables.

3) I was 99% convinced cucumbers were a vegetable. They go in salad. Most people hate salads because we always feel like we’re dieting. Turns out, it leans quite heavily in the direction of fruit.

4) Tomorrow I’m going to Google foods that are vegetables. I shan’t have a repeat experience like tonight.

5) Thank god while I was nuking my potatoes I made cookies. Always have sugar after a challenging day.

And with that, I close Change #39. I have won the vegetable battle today. But who will win the vegetable war?


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