Change #39: My Vegetable, Avocado…

I’m pretty concerned that after all the snow and freezing rain we’ve had in the last 48 hours and now the crazy wind (Yeah, Happy New Year to you to Mother Nature!)  I may lose my power tonight. I have laundry to do, but I need to get this post up with a picture before everyone thinks I failed in my vegetable challenge and I would fail in less than 24 hours. I may be wearing the same clothes to work tomorrow, but I must post!

Tonight with the help of my hubby, I cut and sliced and diced the avocado that I bought last night that was already ripened in the store. Do you know that if you cut avocado lengthwise, turn it at it’s core, you can just pop the avocado cleanly in 2 pieces? Then you just need to hit the seed with a knife and spin it around and the seed will just pop out? Finally, if you cut strips along the skin, you can cleanly peel it back. No mushy avocado on your plate; which is normally what happens to me when hubby isn’t around.

My hubby has shown me how to do this multiple times but I always forget.  With the avocado cleaned, I added in tomato and brie cheese, salt and pepper and created a little skewer. It was awfully cute looking – but impossible to eat. It basically fell apart on me and I was stuck eating my tomato, brie and avocado separately. It was ok, but if I tried this again I would need to make all my portions smaller. And before you ask, I didn’t use a recipe. I just winged this little vegetable experience.


So, here’s to avocado success! Yeah, second day of vegetables!


Epilogue to this Blog…

Yeah, were you going to say anything?

When I grabbed my avocado and proclaimed to hubby that I would need to do something with my vegetable, avocado, he said, “Uhm… avocado’s a fruit.”

“What???!!!” I turned and stared at him with my jaw nearly hitting the floor.

Then, I turned and in full control said, “Well, it’s a good thing I got cucumber then.” I waited a second, hesitated with fear, but also felt like I needed to double check with him and asked, “Is cucumber a fruit?”

The answer was no. “Cucumber is definitely a vegetable,” he said.

Check out the top of the picture…that’s cucumber….

Whew, really – 2nd day of vegetable success. 



Epilogue to the Epilogue

So, after I posted Change #39 I thought I would Google to see if a cucumber is a vegetable just to be safe. Apparently there’s some discrepancy; but it seems that scientifically a cucumber is classified as a fruit.

Maybe I can find an old potato in my fridge to eat? Please standby….if I find something vegetable like to eat, I will post before midnight.


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