Change #38: A Vegetable A Day

Some changes you can do for one day. When I do the Polar Plunge I suspect it will happen just the once. There will be no repeats, and most likely, there will be no double-dips on my part.

But some changes should be done more frequently.

I have a nasty habit of not eating vegetables. It’s not because I don’t like them; quite the opposite. The problem that I have is making time to slice, dice and cook them. The only time I can think of managing vegetables would be in the evenings but honestly, it’s so much easier just to grab a chunk of cheese and call that dinner.

Here’s my challenge: I promise to eat at least one vegetable each day for the next 7 days. (And will post a picture daily. There will be two blog posts today: one from last night and one for today’s vegetable.)

That will be 7 changes each day for the next week. Now, some may think that I will be cheating here because this isn’t really considered “Pushing Boundaries”. But, I disagree. I rarely cook dinners and therefore by extension never eat vegetables. I call cheese “dinner” most evenings.

My vegetable quest began last night when we had prosciutto, brie cheese (Ok, I have a problem. I know. But I said I would add a vegetable, not give up cheese.) and wait for it…drum roll…..NUKED ASPARAGUS IN THE MICROWAVE!

Yummy, asparagus…

I’m trying to prove to myself that it’s not that hard to eat vegetables. At some point, I really need to be a grown up and with small baby steps this week, maybe I can turn this into a lasting change.

So, here’s to 7 days of vegetables. And if I miss one day, with not so much as a nibble on a carrot, I’ll remove all previous blog posts. That means that if I do 5 days of vegetables and on the 6th day I get lazy I’ve lost all 5 entries and they don’t count. I’ll be behind in this blog. It’s punishment for sheer laziness.

Bring on the vegetables….







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