Change #36: For A Limited Time – The Tuxedo Mocha

We heard about the drinks; the Starbucks drinks that you can only get for a limited amount of time. More specifically – only available until January 1st. As a person  who always thinks she has more than  enough time this would be a challenge in two ways: 1) Pick a drink that is unfamiliar and 2) Try the drink before it was no longer available.

There were three choices: 1) The Tuxedo Mocha 2) Tuxedo Mocha Frappuccino 3) Tuxedo Hot Chocolate. If I had the Tuxedo hot chocolate I felt like I would be cheating as everyone knows how much I love sweets; and as it was a cold day, I wasn’t craving a cold drink like a Frappuccino.

Enter Tuxedo Mocha….

The drink was warm and sweet with a lovely creamy layer of whipped cream on top. As I drank my scrumptious drink, I questioned why I hated coffee on its own when I very much adored coffee-tasting products. My husband piped up and answered that he could barely taste the coffee in the drink and it was more sweet than coffee.

But I could taste the coffee  quite strongly. My husband is a long time coffee drinker and I wondered if a person’s taste buds for a drink or a food become accustomed to different foods or drink over time. It was like being acclimatized  to cold weather. We adapt.

I don’t think I will ever love straight coffee. But I’m glad I took the chance to try this drink and the Chili Mocha. I had assumed that anything coffee tasting would be a no-go. As it turns out, I have probably  missed so many wonderful tasting experiences because I incorrectly assumed that coffee was coffee.

As it turns out, I was wrong. And as I raise my Tuxedo Mocha to the end of the year, I look forward to pushing boundaries in 2017 and make a toast to a new year filled with adventure.



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