Change #32: Reindeer Ears, Red Nose Attachment Fail

It seemed like a good idea. I’ve seen other people with them. You know what I’m talking about. Those people that have reindeer ears sticking out the windows of their cars. It’s cool and funny all at the same time. I couldn’t help but wondering how brave are they doing something like that? And – it made me laugh every single time I saw a reindeer, red-nosed SUV, Jeep or Truck.

I wanted to be one of those people. 

It took two days of looking for the attachments. I had browsed online at the Canadian Tire website and thought I had found them. But, I wasn’t quite certain. Also, it was a Friday night and not one for big crowds, but worse yet, Christmas crowds, I didn’t want to go to my crazy Canadian Tire store/parking lot. So, I thought maybe my local Home Hardware store might have them. They didn’t. But the very helpful Customer Service Representative mentioned I could find them at the Dollar Store.

I didn’t go that night, but I made a point of hunting them out on Saturday afternoon. After wondering aimlessly up and down the Dollar Store aisles for a good half an hour dodging and wiggling between other Christmas shoppers that were pushing carts of wrapping paper, crafts, and Christmas decorations I found a few antlers left hanging down an aisle tucked in with other Christmas items where I had already looked several times. It was as bad as looking for “currants” in my grocery store for my fruitcake recipe.

Today, I attempted to attach the nose to the front of my car. After 5 minutes in -10 degree Celsius with uncovered hands, I threw my frozen fingers up in defeat tossing the nose on the front seat of my car declaring it was not happening today. I could no longer feel my finger tips because of the cold, let alone move them to maneuver a little plastic tie between the grate of my car and try to tie it off.  But the ears should not be a problem. It was a plastic clip that you just attached to the window. How hard could it be?

After clearing the car off and rolling the window down I clipped the ear to the window. I rolled it up once, not all the way, but I felt like me ear was slightly slanted. I attached the clip again, held the button down for my window and began rolling it up. I certainly would not leave the window even a little bit down. After all, it’s freezing out there.

When what did my ears here? SNAP!!!!!

I gasped, frantically rolling my window down and thought holy sh*t! Did I just bust my window?

The window was fine – but the reindeer antler was not. I had snapped the plastic piece of the attachment that clipped to my window.

This is a double fail for me. It seems to be a trend lately. But I have one more Christmas decoration to attempt to attach to my car. I’ll let you know how that one goes…..




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