Change #31: Chia, Buckwheat & Hemp Cereal for Breakfast

I try to be open-minded to new experiences. That includes new activities, new drinks and new beverages.

Last weekend while shopping in the gluten-free section of the grocery store I saw an interesting cereal that was to fill you up faster, lower in calories and it was tagged as a “Superfood.”

As a person with a long standing relationship with sugar, I’ve contemplated at various points in my life eating healthier. I love fruit, very much like most vegetables, I love seafood but in terms of chicken, red meat and pork I eat it and sometimes I really like it; but most of the time I can do without it. I consider myself a part time vegetarian. But, in terms of eating well most of the time, I don’t do it because I’m just not that organized to purchase food ingredients, prep it, and cook it. So, “Superfood” I thought, why not?  

The package for the “Chia, Buckwheat & Hemp Cereal” sat on my counter all week and every day I thought about trying it. The problem is what happens if I didn’t like it. Would it wreck the rest of my morning?  Would I still have time to eat my go-to breakfast of oatmeal? For these reasons, I procrastinated.

But this morning it happened. When I opened the packaging I smelled a weird odour. I’ve tried green tea and to me it smells like wet dirty socks. I know many people love it and can rattle off the health benefits. I’ve tried it and I can say to you with absolute certainty my taste buds just don’t like it. In spite of all the health benefits it provides, I will not drink it. And if a tea that is to be “raspberry herbal tea”, or “strawberry herbal tea” has any inkling of it (I now check the ingredients to see if green tea is listed, as I’ve tasted it in these herbal teas before) I will not purchase it. That smell when I opened the packaging of the cereal, was along the same lines as green tea.

Not to be deterred, I added 3-4 tablespoons of hot water to the mix as the instructions said, stirred it, and waited a few minutes. When I deemed it “ready” I scooped a spoonful and let the test begin.

What I tasted was an odd mix of slimy, gritty mush in my mouth. I would like to say that I heaved it into my tummy pit but alas I could not do it. I opted instead to spit it out into a paper towel. And thought, no, no, no! 

My taste buds are in charge of my fingers as I type this post. I did not like it. But, there have been other times when I have been delightfully surprised with some foods. I once had a delicious vegan brownie. It was fantastically amazing but the cafeteria that sold them after that day, never seemed to stock them again much to my disappointment.

While for me, this particular food is a no-go, never-be-purchased again food, I’m sure there are other people that would love it. We are all different. That’s what makes each person special. So, for those people that like this cereal – I have a package of it on my counter if they would like it.



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