No Change: Just My Funny Pie Chart

This was interesting. When I started thinking about all the changes I have done in the last two months of Pushing Boundaries, I was convinced many of my posts were related to food or beverages. When I punched the numbers into an excel spreadsheet it became confirmed: based on the last 30 posts, 37 percent of my blog posts involve food or beverages.

The activity number shown in the chart is a little inflated. It includes my registration for the Polar Plunge in February, and my registration for the 10 KM Hypothermic Run in March. These two posts didn’t require a lot of activity on my part. All that I needed to do were a few clicks of the mouse while simultaneously biting my lower lip contemplating: Am I really doing the Polar Plunge? And the Hypothermic 10 KM Run? Who is in control here?

It’s me. It’s all me. 

But I so very much love food. Then again, I do like to move. Maybe I could eat something new while doing a new movement at the same time. Let me think about how to put that into a blog post.

It’s a pie chart – like lemon meringue pie!



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