Change #28: Fruitcake 101

I love fruitcake. When it first arrives on the shelves in the late part of October I have to resist buying the first chunk of cake that I see. I found myself battling my inner demons this year, as I stood at the grocery store and said, “It’s not even November 1st yet?” Then, I walked away.

But I have never, EVER made fruitcake.

As part of my pushing boundaries I thought I  would try it. It’s always a bit of a concern for me  that a recipe won’t work out. Typically, this is what happens when I try to make something new.

I will stomp my way to the grocery store, peering down long aisles of food products as I try to figure out what the heck they mean by that?, until finally out of frustration I’ve googled it and now have an idea of what they mean. Examples? Aubergines. It’s EGGPLANT!!! Just say, EGGPLANT!!!

Then, I have to track down a sales clerk who is restocking shelves to find the elusive product. I swear, using the example above, my AUBERGINES have feet, and they are hiding behind posts as I pass by, giggling at me as we play hide n’ seek. Except – someone forgot to tell me we were playing.

Back to fruitcake. Currants. Anyone? Anyone know this? I stood at Sobey’s on Saturday afternoon as I ran up and down the baking shelves to look for currants. Could not find them anywhere. Thank god for Google. I pull out my phone and googled currants and lo and behold, it’s RAISINS. I went back to the bulk section and saw green raisins and thought that looks festive: but my recipe didn’t say green raisins. I just purchased Sultana’s and the yellow raisins and thought good enough.

There were other items that left me scratching my head like dry cherries, citron, and dry mango. The dry mango I found, but it would need to be chopped; the dried cherries were a compromise as I purchased a container of cherries without liquid in it (thinking dry enough); and the citron I just held up my white flag and thought it’s not happening.

The recipe called for me to soak my dried fruit in rum for at least 24 hours. Out of sheer laziness, I didn’t get everything soaking till Sunday morning at around  6 AM. My fruit only had 12 hours to soak. Oh well.

The good news about baking is that if you are having a glass or two of wine at the same time as you bake, you care less, and less. As hubby and I tried to put the pieces of the recipe together, with one part leaving us slightly befuddled when it said “alternating with molasses and milk” we did something with that part; mixed everything else together, threw it in the oven, and hoped for the best.

When we pulled it out of the oven Sunday night, it looked like fruitcake. YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!!! When we had a piece, overwhelmingly soaked in rum, it was delicious. This morning I had another piece as it soaked for the last day and a bit in rum and it was FANTASTIC.

Although, I think my fruitcake can only be eaten at home – there is a strong smell of rum that explodes from the container whenever you open it. People at work will think I am drinking.

Was it worth it? Absolutely.


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