Change #23: Is That The Sound of the Ice Cream Truck at 4:30 AM?

It’s the sound on hot summer days, that will make both children and adults perk up for a moment.When the white meandering truck is within a few blocks of your street, you will hear the dee-dee-dee-dee-dee-dee-dee!!!sound, that lovely sound, that means ice cream is within your reach in a few minutes.  If you’re an adult you will most likely NEVER chase after the truck. That’s reserved for children. But, as an adult there will be no need to go to your local Shopper’s Drug Mart, or to the grocery store, to get ice cold sweetness. If you are willing to follow the sound (hopefully, some children have stopped the truck close by), pull out your wallet, within a few moments, a chocolate or strawberry covered cone, CAN BE YOURS.

When I went to University years ago, a friend of mine bought be an alarm clock that played the radio as the alarm. I had that for nearly a decade before it failed. My husband, one Christmas years ago, bought me a new one. There were multiple options for the alarm sound that would be my wake-up call: one of them was the sound of the “Ice Cream Truck”.

When I originally selected it, the movie Love Actually had come out, and in similar annoying ring-tone-style the sister had selected for each time her brother called, I picked the sound of the “Ice Cream Truck”. I thought it would be hilarious. And it might have been – for a short time.

The problem is that I selected it, and had absolutely no idea how to change it. My “Ice Cream Truck” theme was engraved in stone. Once selected, it was  blasting me awake on the mornings my pooch failed to wake me. (My dog taps at the door with one claw. It’s lovely.) As I stomped my feet in darkness, navigating my way blindly to the bathroom, all I thought was, dee-dee-dee-dee-dee-dee-dee!!! Followed swiftly with, AHHHHHH!!!!! I hate that sound!

This went on for years.

I was done with it. One night a couple of weeks ago, as part of my “changes”, I stumbled my way to try to figure out how to set the alarm for the radio. My alarm clock is a dual one – meaning one side will play a sound that you can select, and the other one will play the radio. But this means there are two options, two selections, and you must make sure each night to pick the right one.

My fingers still do not automatically go to the new side. Like Pavlov’s dog, my fingers fumble their way to the side that plays the the ICE CREAM TRUCK sound. Last night in frustration, I had to turn my light on in order to set the  radio alarm. But, when it went off at 5:30 AM this morning, and I heard the sound of a person talking it soothed me. I gently woke to the day. There was no feeling that I needed to chase something.

Change is hard for me, whether wanted or not. It takes a long time for me to recondition myself and change who I am, and what I do. When the pattern has been engraved in me for years, it takes more time to break the cycle. But taking the extra time last night, to wake to the radio versus the other side, meant I woke calmly from my slumber. For me, that was worth the extra effort.

The ice cream trucks returned a few years to my neighbourhood. I still love the sound on a hot summer’s day, and think about chasing the truck with all the kids on my block. But, that’s the only time I want to feel like I’m in a hurry – if there’s a possibility of ice cream at the end of the road.


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