Change #21: Be Cool, When Greeted with a Dead Car Battery

My fight to get into work early yesterday meant a few compromises on my part. I would need to be in the shower earlier, out the door with time to spare, and I would forfeit my stop at my local cafe. All this to arrive on time.

And I was successful. I arrived on time, worked my scheduled shift, and did my best at my job like I try to do every day. When work was done, I pulled my fluffy “Rock Chick” hat on and my velvet-feeling burgundy gloves. Yeah, I was styling. 

When I swung the door open of the building a snapping cold hit me and went right to the core. The temperature since the morning seemed to have dropped 10 degrees. I was wearing a short sleeved shirt underneath my winter coat and decided that if I ever needed to walk to work, sweaters would be a better option. I made my way into the car, and swung it open. When I plopped my butt in the seat, I fought with the wind to heave the door shut; and – I won!

I tried to start the car. Nothing. I looked down as I slowly thought, dead battery? Then I started to laugh. I had received a text from hubby that said he would walk LBM that night. Before I tried to start my car, I had texted him and said I had hoped to walk LBM myself. I immediately texted him back and told him “you’re it!” and in Bridge Jones’ words told him about my dead battery. Laughing. 

I carry booster cables in my car but don’t know how to use them. The guy behind me parked too close and it made it impossible for me to open the back trunk of my SUV where the cables are located. (Although, later I did crawl through the back seat and grabbed them, thanks to hubby who suggested it). I called a 1-800 # for roadside assistance that was available when I leased my car sometime ago. Turns out, I was no longer covered. But, they said they could still help me but I would be charged. The estimated time because they were really busy last night (yeah, first snow storm of the season) would be 1 hr 10 minutes for a tow truck.

I took it in stride and waited. There was a failed attempt by me and another man to start my car. Later, I found out we apparently needed to keep the cables on for a little while longer. (Hubby told me this in a text message because I had some lights working after the man left.)  There was also a few terrifying moments when my car blinked a red light at me and I thought, oh my god, is my car going to burst into flames?  Then, there was the other moment when I tried a few times to start my car after the “failed boost” thinking, well, maybe it just needed a few minutes to recharge on it’s own. And then my car started chirping at me. I was like, Ahhhhh!!! What is that? I thought my SUV was possessed. 

Why is this pushing boundaries? For me, my reaction to this situation years ago and even on some days now, would be to declare the universe was out to get me and burst into tears. I did everything right that day. Why was I being punished? Calmly, I realized it most likely wasn’t the universe that did this, it was most likely me – because I forgot my interior light on.

I do try to keep things in perspective. When I finally did get on the road 2.5 hours later (it did turn out to be a dead battery. I was slightly worried it was something more serious that would require a tow) the roads were covered in slimy brown salt, ice, and covered in snow. I made my way home as the wind blew snow back on the roads that were minimally clear. I looked in my rearview mirror and behind me, I saw an emergency vehicle racing up with red lights flashing. I pulled over at the side of the road and waited. Because, there are REAL BAD DAYS, and then there are minor inconveniences.

Why didn’t hubby come? He asked me if I wanted him to, and I said no. I didn’t want him to as I was over an hour away and the roads were terrible. It was inconvenient, but it wasn’t a catastrophe. And  with a few odd moments, I was relatively calm about it.


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