Change #19: Juggling – Balls in the air, on the floor, and some rolled away…

Juggling. It means having the ability to keep more than one ball in the air. Apparently, according to hubby, it means having at least 3 balls going.

It is for the coordinated; those who are able to keep their focus straight ahead, and use their peripheral vision in order to pay attention to the other balls that circle around them. The juggler must be able to throw and catch the ball all by themselves. You are your one man (or woman) show.

I thought I was good at juggling. It turns out, not so much. At least, not with balls.

That’s one ball people. And I am struggling with catching just the one.

Mr. Triangle-Head (to your right in the picture) was my retriever. Literally. He grabbed the balls just as quickly as I dropped them. These pictures don’t look so bad. But, it’s not really what happened. I missed many times, even with just one ball; when I threw it up it would bounce off my hand and ricochet across the dining room floor. Once, it even landed in Hershey’s water bowl.

I thought maybe in a couple of hours I would master the art of juggling. My mind always thinks I can do one thing, without remembering WHO I AM.  Here are a few examples of THAT GIRL:

  1.  I can’t catch a baseball even if it’s coming straight for me. Unless of course, it hits me in the face.  (Does that count as catching a baseball?)
  2. In public school, I was that annoying kid when we played volleyball at gym class, I would yell, “MINE!” and then MISS. (Yeah, I was popular.)
  3.  I tried to play soccer at one of my husband’s company events about 10 years ago. I kept running, charging at the ball, swung my foot out, and was like, yeah, I’m going to kick it this time! It never happened. Not once, no matter how close I was to the soccer ball. Everyone was so nice to me and just laughed it off. I think they were gobsmacked about how terrible I was that they just stopped trying. They were much more entertained at watching the woman who got millimeters away from the ball and still failed to make contact with it. They probably started a secret pool and took bets as to whether I would ever successfully kick it.

Was this juggling exercise worth it? Yeah! It was a lot of fun and forced my brain to focus on just the one task at hand: keep at least two balls in the air. I failed. Many times. But hey, what do they say? Rome wasn’t built in a day. I’ll keep practicing, and maybe by the end of this blog I can post a video of me, juggling, 3 balls.

**********SPOILER  ALERT**********

Tomorrow’s event…..




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