Change #17: Make an Effort to See the Supermoon

We watch television every night. The shows consist of: The Crown, Big Bang Theory, Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow and the Flash. (We started watching Downtown Abbey this summer, but we finished it by September. Yes people, six seasons of episodes all within a few months. When we love something, we are the TV Watching Machines.)

I saw the headlines for the supermoon and thought, yeah, there is my challenge! Make an effort to get out there and see something that hasn’t happened since 1948 and won’t happen till 2034. These once in a lifetime events that come around I always think: next time I’ll see that. But the next time it’s cloudy, or I might be out of the country, or I could have a cold, or I might be busy at work. For once, I would take it in, stare up in wonder and appreciate the scene.

I entered hubby’s office and announced last night, that I was going to take Hershey (my lovable chocolate lab) to check out the moon at the power lines. (And get his walk in too.) Hubby wanted to come as well –  a family event it would be!

Now, I have to admit that when I first went out to put Hershey’s cover on the backseat of my car, I noticed the moon and well, it looked like the moon. My hubby reassured me that of course it does; it’s not that noticeable with the streetlights. But when we get to a darker spot I would really notice how much bigger and brighter it was (it was suppose to be 14% bigger and 30% brighter, according to media reports.)

I was doubtful, but I was game.

We drove to the spot that we call “the power lines.” The power lines are a 5 minute drive from our house and we call it this, because there are power lines with a path, with naturally occurring vegetation like ragweed and wild parsnip. (Ragweed is fun because both Hershey and I are allergic, and wild parsnip will burn your skin if the sap touches you. There are no trees that I can recall. It’s mostly just weeds.)

But it’s super dark back there! When we got there the white light from the moon lit up the path. I’ve been there on other nights, and without the moon lighting the way it’s almost like you are blind. And it’s super creepy back there because it’s so dark!

But last night, I wasn’t afraid.In some respects, the moon reminded me of when it first snows and how much brighter it makes streets and sidewalks. Hubby, with his camera that I talked him into bringing, got an amazing photo! (Remember this part: I talked hubby into bringing his camera.)

Do you see the man in the moon?

We walked a little ways down the path and looped back onto the city streets. Our conversation had switched gears when we were almost back to the car, and we started admiring the outdoor lights that people had attached to their homes.  (We have lived in our house for 10 years, and we have the same outdoor lights the builders installed.) I had Hershey on his leash, and I noticed Hershey at one point crossed in front of hubby and I very nearly got all the following words out, “Honey, you might want to be careful because Hershey may…..” (Last part of that sentence was to be, …”trip you.”)

Hubby fell forward with his camera still hanging from the strap on his neck; the camera crunched when it hit the pavement, and hubby skidded on his knees. Very sweetly, the husband took most of the impact in order to protect the dog because he didn’t want to fall on top of him. Hershey for his part did nothing to get out of the way. However, he did feel obligated to lick hubby’s forehead when he was down. (Helpful.)

No one worry, hubby and dog were both fine, and so was the camera. I made a point of joking and said, “In less than 48 hours, because of my blog, we have had smoke pour from our oven, had a medium sized flame in our oven, and now you have tripped on Hershey.” We both laughed.

Then my man said, “yeah, and we haven’t even got to the more difficult stuff like when you jump into freezing water yet!”

Oh, because I fully intend to do the Polar Plunge. You’ve heard of this right? Where people jump into a river or lake in January, February or March (you are not in the Caribbean) where the water is freezing cold for charity. (And possibly because the participants are crazy.) I’ve decided I want to be one of the crazy people.

Right now, I’m just sitting on my thumbs waiting for registration to open. I plan to register for The Polar Plunge in Kingston, ON that’s scheduled for February 5, 2017.  There’s suppose to be one in Ottawa, ON but there are no dates yet, and I’m impatient.

I was going to go as “SUPER PUG!” and wear my Halloween costume and get a cape for it! But, hubby thinks I may sink because it’s too heavy. My man has been such a trooper in supporting me with this blog, I figure I won’t go as a furry pug. I’ll think of another costume, that’s a little lighter, and means I may not sink to the bottom of the St. Lawrence River. It would be embarrassing to have to be rescued.

Here’s the link for the Polar Plunge. I’ll let you know when I register.

And here’s another photo I took of the moon this morning with my cell phone. Because, you can never have too many photos.

Farewell Supermoon! See you in 2034!




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