Change #16: Smokey, Cheese-Flavoured Lemon Meringue Pie

I’ve never made lemon meringue pie before. As a matter of fact, I’ve never made any pie.

My mother makes pies and tarts. She’s made apple pie, raisin tarts, lemon meringue tarts, and cherry tarts. And she makes her crusts from scratch. They are super yummy and when my brother and father were around, you were lucky to get even one. I knew better  – so I did what they did. We would all race behind her as she pulled them out of the muffin tins, scoop them off the plate when she wasn’t looking, and with them still steaming hot, we would walk away as we left a trail of white crumbly bits behind us. If you were too slow and didn’t bother to grab one right away, well, that was too bad. No tart for you. Every person for themselves.

Today,  I did not rise to the challenge of making my own crust. At some point, I want to make apple pie from scratch. When I commit to making apple pie, I will build the crust. But today, I decided pre-made pie crust and lemon meringue packet. (I’ve never made lemon meringue anything. I figured I can take a little bit of the easy road here. After all, if I take on more than I can handle, this blog may go the same way as the dodo.)

Full disclosure states that I should reveal what items I have baked. They include: brownies from scratch, chocolate chip cookies, banana bread, oatmeal raisin cookies, chocolate chip oatmeal raisin cookies, oatmeal chocolate chip muffins and a chocolate cake using an early 1900’s recipe that I found on the internet. (Why a recipe from the 1900’s you ask? Because, a character in my novel that I’ve been working on for 5 years does. That means, me too! Research –  it’s fun, but sometimes time consuming.) But never lemon meringue.

The pie crust was ready to go, but the instructions for the lemon filling and meringue were multi-layered steps. Separate yolks from whites, whisk, stir, beat and cook. Can it get any more complicated? I typically throw everything into a bowl, blend or mix, and cook. Simple. Beautiful.

With the help of my partner in crime (hubby), two hours later, we had our lemon meringue pie. Although, it may not be pretty.



Now, you’re probably wondering about the “Smokey, Cheese-Flavoured…” part of the title. Well, the night before we had made shepherd’s pie for a friend of ours and added too much cheese on top. Hubby and I made it together and I left to walk LBM. When I returned, he said, “you missed the excitement.” We apparently put too much cheese on top, it dribbled down to the bottom of the oven, and then he said black smoke poured from the oven when he opened the door. It was enough smoke to set off the smoke detectors on the bottom and top floor of our house.

Today, when we went to make the pie, we forgot about what happened the night before. We never cleaned the oven. This time, I was there for it. We turned the oven on and then I watched as black smoke came out of the back burner. I turned to hubby and said, “What’s that?”

He answered, “Oh, yeah, that’s the cheese from the night before.” He continued with, “It will burn off. We’ll just wait.”

So, we waited. And the black smoke sort of dissipated. A bit. But it was still there. And it was enough smoke again to pour out of the oven every time we opened the door and set the smoke detectors off on both floors. Poor Hershey hates the sound. He anchored himself beside me, afraid of the screaming alarm. Interestingly enough, even before the alarm went off, when we just had black smoke billowing in our house, he was already on high alert and had moved away from the oven. (Which he never does. If we’re cooking, he’s eating.)

We haven’t eaten the pie yet, so there’s a good chance it will taste smokey, and cheesy.  Yummy.

But, maybe not. We have another 1.5 hours before we can try it. Because, apparently you’re suppose to wait 3 hours for it to cool.

Oh, and at one point we had a medium sized flame in our oven. Good times.

I was too slow to get a picture of the flame; but here’s a photo of the bottom of our oven. I guess someone should clean that tomorrow.



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