Change #15: The “Order” App

I am resistant to technological change. Consistently. When something new comes out I will be the last one to dive into it. Facebook, I just joined last year. I still don’t have a twitter account. The Starbucks App I have used for some years now; but only after everyone else was a part of the “Starbucks Club” for some years already.

The order app I have heard about; you place your order from home and then run in and simply grab your drink and go as you have already ordered, paid, and they had time to fill your request.

As I bumbled my way through the unfamiliar section of my Starbucks app there was on the menu bar of my phone a section that said, “ORDER”. I tapped it, working my way through the endless list of drinks (seriously, E.G. took forever to find) and decided on a spinach and feta wrap to go along with it. I kept hitting green arrow buttons and hoped I wasn’t being charged more than once. When my phone showed “receipt” I was sure I placed my order. But, did I manage to place it at the right location? Would I be charged more than once? Would there be two earl grey teas and two spinach and feta wraps waiting for me at the end of the counter?

I walked into my local cafe, and made my way to the end where my order should be waiting. The barista popped her head up at me and said, “Earl grey tea and spinach and feta wrap?” (Yeah, they know me.) I smiled and laughed, grabbed my drink and sandwich, went to the counter to add splenda to my tea, and I was out the door. I was not charged twice, nor did I manage to double my order.

Change is terrifying at times, especially things that you can’t control. Even on occasion, when you do have control, it still might not work out as well as you hoped.

But every once in awhile, your first experience works – perfectly.


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