Change #14: It’s Coffee Time

This is not earl grey.


I was stressed today. To get coffee, or not?  The next day I would have no time to think about how I might want my coffee. (Cream, sugar, milk, black?)  The choices were endless. And, how would I know what to put in it? I’ve never had coffee before.

That’s not true. When I was 15 years old I stayed up late to study for an exam (yes, I started very young with the late nights) and I decided to have the bottom of the pot, cold coffee. I figured there was no reason to warm it. I was sure it would taste the same.

Then, I proceeded to choke on it as I tried once, and then a few more times to ingest the cold grime that floated in my cup. I thought I was tough. It turns out, not so much.

After the “cold coffee day” never again, I swore.

But never, say never. Because today it came back. I did this challenge to see if how I felt about coffee when I was younger, because of a bad experience, has changed. Will my taste buds now love coffee? Secretly, I’ve always wanted to be a coffee drinker. Everyone does it.

As I marched myself into my favorite coffee place I ordered a dark roast (because that’s what hubby orders), but they were out. I ordered Pike’s instead. I never ordered myself a coffee before, so it really didn’t matter what I got.

I put some milk in (cream seemed like it would be too rich), took a sip, and I instantly felt a zap of being fully awake in an  instant. As I walked back to my car I took another slug of my light brown caffeine and I noticed a tingling sensation through my spine. (Wow! This stuff wakes you up right to the core!) On the 3rd sip I thought, this really isn’t too bad. I think I might like it.

But somewhere between the 5th and 10th sip, while driving in my car, I stuck my tongue out at various moments and thought, “Bleah!”

It appears that I like coffee drinks so long as they are loaded with sugar and covered in whip cream (see blog post Earl Grey vs Chili Mocha). But plain old coffee, not now, not ever. I honestly thought I would have changed. That my taste buds might have evolved as I’ve gotten older. But, I think I can finally satisfactorily say, I’ve given plain coffee another whirl and it’s not for me.

P.S.H. + E.G. = FOREVER 



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