Change#13: Who’s a Rock Chic?

Me, that’s who.

At 42 years old, wearing my ruby-red gloves, I am a Rock Chic. Why not?

When I saw these yesterday at the store, all I thought was that was awesome. Then, I placed them back on the shelf and I was going to walk away. After all, the hat and the gloves were not part of “my colours”: black, grey or blue. (Although I do own a red winter coat.) As well, the hat and gloves wouldn’t go with the winter coat (red) or my plaid grey and black spring/fall coat. After all, everyone knows your clothes should be coordinated.

Why? Nothing in this blog is coordinated. (Check out exhibits A & B: Change 11 & 12 from the blog as proof. They are complete opposites.) Anything goes.

So, I am  rock chic with the hat. When the snow flies and the temperature dips below zero, and I’m cruising in my car, singing at the top of my lungs on my way to work or to do errands, I’ll enjoy my velvet red gloves and my cool hat with the pom-pom on the top -rocking to my tunes.

Will people think I’m weird? Probably. But hey,the hat and gloves are funny and it makes me smile. I never liked colouring inside the lines anyways.




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