Change #11 – Finally, Register for the Hypothermic Half (Ahem….10 KM)

I’ve wanted to run this race for a decade. But as mentioned in an earlier post, I’m a slow runner so there’s a good chance in bad weather I could be out there for 12 hours. As well, look at the name. In Ottawa in March, the weather can be either a nice balmy 10 degrees celsius; or -20 with the windchill. It’s like playing roulette.

But I won’t be running the half marathon. A few days ago when I was walking for less than 10 minutes between office buildings, I noticed my heart rate became significantly elevated and I was out of breath. After a couple of years of focusing on writing, putting exercise on the back burner, I’m certain I’ve lost some of the baseline fitness that I had a few years ago.

When I did the half marathon in May of this year, I felt like at the 10 KM mark there was a good chance I would be carried off the course on a stretcher. I’ll be honest,  I hadn’t really trained for it and I had planned not to run it. But, my hubby pointed out that I kept registering for races and not running them. He had a point.

So, I ran it.  But, the temperature also skyrocketed into the thirties that weekend, and in combination with the lack of training and extreme temperature, when I hit the 10 KM mark one of the volunteers asked me, “Are you ok?” I huffed my reply, “Yeah.” They knew as I did, that I wasn’t. I was certain that I looked like one of those white-faced runners that I’ve seen on the course just before they hit the pavement. I  felt like I was going to throw up. Extreme temperature on either end isn’t good. But to my astonishment, I finished it. But, boy did it hurt the next day.

Now, I haven’t really run more than 3 KM since the half marathon in May. But, I felt registering for the hypothermic 5 KM was wimping out.  I must have a small chance of losing a limb in sub-zero degree temperatures. The 10 KM would be my race.

But I have to tell you, that part of my hesitation in registering for this race for almost a decade is that there would be no big crowds cheering me on. And I don’t do well in small races with no crowd support. (And it’s in winter. I would have a hard time coming out to cheer people on.) As well, the race would be s small one with the registration for the 10 KM race limited to 200 people. I AM SLOW. There’s a good chance I’ll be last.

Must I do the things only in the best conditions with the most chance of success?  Or, should I attempt a challenge when there’s a possibility there could be inclement weather and I’ll be doing it alone?

Why wouldn’t I? I’m pushing boundaries, doing things that I’m uncomfortable with.Some of it will be done alone and in less than ideal conditions. It can’t all be about food, clothes, and trying new recipes. But it’s part of it.

Bring on the hypothermic 10 KM.



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