Change #9 – I AM PUG!


The only time of year that it is acceptable to dress up, be anything or anyone you want, and run from house to house and ask for candy.

But as I’ve aged, I’ve become the giver of candy. I am the dispenser of rockets, mars bars, kit kat, and M&M’s. I watch from my doorway as I am bombarded with Captain Americas, Snow Whites, Mutant Ninja Turtles….the list is endless. Occasionally, a really small two-year old will clamor up my stairs, sometimes on their knees because my stairs are too big for them (they are not that big, they are just too darn cute-small!) in an effort to reach me and my candy bowl. Most of the time, I will meet the smaller ones with a, “no wait, I’ll come to you!” as I toss extra candy into their bag as they stare blankly at me with their nose running not certain what to do next.

I love giving out candy. But, that’s normally all I do.

This morning with my ears bouncing, my tail swishing, and my pants sagging, I got into my car and buckled up to go to my local coffee shop to meet Mr. Earl Grey.  (Yeah, no need to mention it by name anymore. I’ll tell you if it changes. If you know me, or read at least a couple of posts, you know where I go.)


When I walked into the coffee shop, I saw one of the baristas hard at work as she focused on her task with deep concentration. Then, her head popped up when she saw me. Her, the other barista, and me, all started laughing. One of my lines was this, ” I know you don’t allow dogs, but I can pay. I’m not a mooch like the rest of them.”  Yeah, how could you not laugh?

When I walked into the office, one of my co-workers noticed me right away and said, “Great costume!” and shortly after, another co-worker came over and we chatted for a short time about costumes of Halloween’s past, and decorating. (My husband and I did not really decorate for Halloween.  And I got to tell you, when I saw some of the houses on my street this year, I hung my pug-head in shame.)

I don’t wear costumes on Halloween. This year, as part of this challenge, I wore it driving, to my coffee shop, walked into the office in it, took it off for most of the day (in my defence, it’s quite hot!) got back into it to drive home, served candy with it, and walked my pooch.

All in pug uniform.

I can list all the costumes I have worn in my 40 plus years on this earth. They are:  1) ghost 2) witch 3) cowboy (that one I did once about 10 years ago at work.) Apparently, my aversion to change started at a very young age where I never deviated from “normal” costumes. Is there such a thing?  So, now I can add pug to the list.

Did I feel ridiculous as Ms. Pug? Yes. Was I nervous? Absolutely. Would I do it again? Yes.

I feel that I have become a spectator in life, watching other people do things that I wish I had done. Tonight, it was different. As I pranced around in my pug costume, I was no longer an observer. When a father who was dressed up said, “Hey look! A dog walking a dog!” I laughed. It’s nice being the person that makes others smile. As I walked down the street, a woman nodded at me as she followed behind her children, smiled and said, “Hi.”

I’m not one that has ever cared about belonging. But, I do like the feeling that I am living. Maybe next year, we’ll put more effort into decorating our house for Halloween.


Dog Jokes Said or Thought Today 

1) Don’t hit the dog crossing the street!

2) I think I’m shedding.

3) Do I smell like dog?

4) I got my tail caught in the car door!

5) I know you don’t allow dogs. But I can pay. I’m not a mooch like the rest of them.  (You heard that one already though.)

Definition of Pug (thanks to the internet): a dog of a dwarf breed like a bulldog with a broad flat nose and deeply wrinkled face.



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