Change #6 – Eggs Benedict: It’s All About the Sauce

Sunday night before bed, I thought: tomorrow is dress day. Monday morning I woke up and remembered there was garbage to drag to the curb and the best dog in the world to walk. (The best dog, who managed to negotiate a much longer walk than I had planned.) That pretty much squashed the dress attempt.

Monday night I thought, ok, Tuesday is my day to squeeze my butt into stockings and teeter around the office in heels all day, while feeling really uncomfortable at work!

Tuesday morning I woke up and thought….nope, I can’t do it.

But the clock is ticking. I have completed only one challenge so far this week. And at work today, I thought, I’ve never made hollandaise sauce from scratch before. I will attempt hollandaise sauce!

I googled a recipe to see what was needed and there were only a few ingredients required for eggs benedict: lemon, parsley, ham, english muffins and eggs. And I had to buy it all. I mean, we might have had eggs but I didn’t know how many were left. And I could see it now:  I would require 4 eggs, but I only had two, and I would think – I can just roughly calculate the measurements. I don’t need to follow a recipe. (Please note, first attempt making hollandaise. Ever.)

So, I drove to my local grocery store and purchased the necessary items. I should have realized I was off to a bad start when they didn’t have english muffins. Not to be beaten (haha! excuse the pun!) I bought crumpets instead. On the way home, I was beginning to talk myself out of eggs benedict. (I’m kinda full today, don’t really need to eat…) But, when I reluctantly got out of my car, slamming the car door behind me, a new found determination took over again.

I will have eggs with creamy sauce for dinner!

I googled the recipe again, and after several failed attempts where advertising ads kept popping up and wouldn’t let me see the recipe, I eventually found the same recipe, printed it and began preparations. With hubby’s help we successfully made eggs benedict with hollandaise sauce.

Except it was more like poached eggs, on crumpet, with slightly runny lemon sauce and not enough pepper. All I know is that when I go to Cora’s for breakfast their hollandaise sauce tastes much better than mine. It may have been when the recipe called for a tablespoon of lemon I turned to the hubby and said, “I don’t need to measure that right? I can just squeeze it in? I’ll know when there is enough.”  (See 5th paragraph).

50 minutes,  6 eggs, 2 dirty pots, 1 dirty frying pan and this is what we had to show for it:


Was it worth it? Maybe, not these ones. But we’ve tried it once and while we may have failed at these eggs benedicts, we’ll be more inclined to try again. After all, that’s why failing is important. It allows us try new things, fail, and try again with the hope that the next time, we will get it right.

Or perhaps, after several more attempts…..


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