Change#3 – Earl Grey vs. Chili Mocha

I had the day off yesterday and I decided that this would be my cappuccino day. But when I got to Starbucks it felt like I was cheating on you all because I had a cappuccino when I was on vacation a month ago. It was ok and I haven’t had one since vacation.

But to be completely authentic, I felt like I needed to do something different. I surveyed the Starbucks menu for drinks and wow! there are a lot of them. In the words of John Pinette, a comedian who joked about people who went to McDonald’s and stood in the lineup and had no idea what they were going to order Mr. Pinette’s line would be: “ask me anything, right to left, left to right.” Suddenly, I was one of those people holding up the lineup. Thank goodness there was no one behind me, but the staff resumed their other tasks as I tried to decide what I would have.

And the decision was made with the Chili Mocha. I began asking questions to the staff, “So is this a coffee drink?” And they answered in the affirmative adding in that it’s not a syrup but a powder. But the part I really cared about was the coffee bit. I don’t particularly like the taste of coffee.

As I grabbed my drink, I looked at it and it looked amazing. Then I tasted it! Whoo!!!! Super Yummy! Although, I did wonder, is that instant heartburn I felt? That normally only happens when I have red wine. Oh well, it doesn’t stop me from drinking red wine.

I would definitely order this drink again. But at almost 300 calories for a tall – not every day.  As well, I wondered at 11 pm when I was wide awake whether it was the coffee I had at 10:30 am that was keeping me awake. (But, I did go back to Starbucks around 3 pm to get a tea. So, maybe that was it.) I also wondered again at 4 am when I couldn’t get back to sleep whether it was all the caffeine.

This was well worth it, and I’m glad I tried it. With a spring in my step, I look forward to what today’s adventure holds for me. By the end of day today, I should reach my 4 required changes.





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