Change #4 – Purple Fingernails

Look who painted her fingernails purple!


I’ve never done this before, especially such a dark purple. It works well for me that Halloween is just around the corner. If anyone asks, I can just say I’m testing nail polish for Halloween costumes.

All joking aside, I have to admit that I really like the colour in spite of the sloppy job I did. (Please, no one zoom in too closely. It’s been a decade since I did my own nails.) It’s weird I would never have chosen this colour. Originally, I was looking at a pale purple that would be barely noticeable. The question I ask myself a lot since starting this experiment is: Is that something that I would typically get? If the answer is yes, I go for something more bold. It’s a constant battle trying to go against the person I believe I am.

Oddly enough, I was at a salon today to get the old eyebrows waxed. (There are some things I really can’t do.) And I heard a whole conversation from two women who were strangers that were discussing nail polish colour. And they both said on fingernails they go for something more neutral. I kept listening and was going to pipe in and tell them about this blog. Instead, I just continued to listen. One woman said, you need to be able to wear purple and coordinate it with something. Or maybe, you just need to own it.

I’m going to own it for a couple of days. I painted them and took the picture right away cause honestly, in a day or two, there’s a good chance they’ll look terrible. Chips in your nail polish with darker colours are much more visible.

I wish I would have selected this colour the once a year I get a  professional manicure. But next time, for certain.

Tomorrow, the purple theme continues….


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