Pushing Boundaries

I am a girl of routine. Just call me Jane Doe.  I wear the same makeup that are neutral in tone, (when I wear makeup which is rare) wear  clothes consisting primarily of black, blue or grey, eat oatmeal for breakfast just about every morning, order earl grey tea at Starbucks before commuting to work. Add to this that nine times out of ten I will grab the same snack: oat fudge bar or croissant. I rarely deviate from any of these norms. After all, there’s no reason to change.

Or is there?

Why not try new things? There’s a bunch of things I want to do but never have: laser tag, paint ball, play on the extreme trampoline. I never seem to have the time/can’t be bothered to make the time.

As well, I think at a certain age I believe, I shouldn’t do things. For example…



Yup, that’s right. That’s me doing a headstand. (Not a handstand, I’m not that strong). I might be too old to do things like this – but I did it anyway. Albeit, with a little help from my hubby who told me where to place my hands. (The poor little brown furball accidentally got bonked in the head with my foot on my first attempt when I kicked my leg up. Oops…sorry Hershey)

Remarkably, I enjoyed the headstand. It was invigorating hanging upside down while all the blood rushed to my head. No joke, it really was. It also felt pretty good to have done it, when I think, maybe I shouldn’t have. It would seem for me, it is nice to break the routine, break the mold, and do different things.

Second confession, this is actually my second time in less than a week doing a headstand. My hubby didn’t have the camera ready. So, hey, here’s to two headstands.

So, this blog is my answer to turning my life upside down. Literally. Not every day, not all the time but 2 times a week, with an aim of changing things up half the time in the next year. (My goal is to have between 185-200 changes.)

So bring on the purple nail polish, leather pants, pink sweaters, green tights, blue eyeshadow, taking a different way to work, and drinking coffee instead of tea. This is my year of trying different things.

And let’s hope in the last 180 days I’m not doing a mad dash trying to change something every day because I’ve forgotten all about this commitment/was too lazy to think of anything. And hopefully, along the way I’ll reconfirm my love for some things, while finding new and exciting things that I loved and will look forward to do them again sometime.


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